Biden Administration's Approach to the Middle East

Biden Administration's Approach to the Middle East

The effects of the desire to withdraw from the Middle East have been present in the American political imagination since it became clear that the wars on "terrorism" had failed to achieve stability or protect American interests in the region, along with the idea of heading towards Asia, as well as the United States reaching the stage of sufficiency of oil and exporting it.

At the same time, although Israeli security remains an American priority in the region, but it may be of minimal importance historically, due to the decline of regional threats to Israel thanks to normalization agreements, despite the fact that its sense of security shook after the tremendous regional and global popular reaction against the Israeli war in Gaza in 2021, knowing that the decline of American interest in Israel contributed to the emergence of a popular and political reaction criticized with unprecedented intensity for what Israel does against the Palestinians in the occupied territories, especially in the ranks of the Democratic Party, namely in the progressive democratic left.

However, the Middle East remains a major market for American weapons, which have been competed with by several countries, most notably China and Russia, and despite the blockage of some arms deals due to the tense relationship between Washington and some of the capitals of the region, due to human rights issues, the purchase of Russian weapons and other reasons, there are American voices calling for the need to create a sustainable framework for these relations, which will put a minimum halt on the impact of tensions in some controversial issues.

This paper discusses these developments collectively, and their role in influencing American approaches to its behavior in the region, especially under the Biden administration, and the role of internal and external actors on its future.


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