China's Leverage in the Middle East: Current Realities, Prospects

China's Leverage in the Middle East: Current Realities, Prospects


Whenever the thinking of working in marketing and public relations in any factory or company pops into the minds of Chinese businessmen, they immediately pick trademarks that are proportionate to Western style and trends.

In terms of format, such trademarks are likely to be recognized much more by the other half of the population of the world, while, the Western style trademarks, in substance convey a message says: "We give you whatever you wish of either names or goods.

It is only about 56 km. separates Sūzhōu from Ningbo (south of Shanghai). While Washington is still asleep at night, and the other hemisphere of globe is also doing so, hundreds of factories in the port of Ningbo-Zhoushan, south on the East China Sea, pour hundreds of thousands of tons daily, exporting from the busiest port in the world, more than one billion tons of goods annually .

Such a scene in Ningbo, and others, have made many changes. Over the last three decades, the “China's Ascent” was one of the basic terms in the contexts related to the political science and international relations, in its various forms, research, journalism, and others. But in the recent few years, this term has begun to fade and it has often referred to less scientific contexts, for a fundamental reason, which is that the aforementioned rise is no longer a matter of doubt but reality, and debates have shifted to the extent of the inevitable superiority of China, and how this superiority will be reflected on the political, economic and military map of the world.

The Chinese economic arms reached all parts of the world in general, and of course to the Middle East region in particular, which has witnessed over the past few years, a Chinese economic presence, in a large number of sectors.

So, how did the "Chinese-Middle East" relations develop? What stage has it reached? What leverage did Beijing think it gained as a result? What are the prospects for relations, and thus what are the prospects for Chinese influence in the region?

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