Forecasting the Post-Abbas Palestinian Authority Future

Forecasting the Post-Abbas Palestinian Authority Future

Written By Iyad Jaber 2021/10/30

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Undoubtedly, the future of the Palestinian Authority after President Mahmoud Abbas is fraught with many uncertainties؛ especially in light of the sensitivity of the current Palestinian situation as Mahmoud Abbas is aging and his health declining. That is in addition to the weak Authority's institutions due to the concentration of all powers in the hands of the President and due to the absence of a legislative authority, as well as the internal divisions either among the Palestinian factions or at the level of Fatah movement.

This study will attempt to resolve such a complicated puzzle through building and forecasting multiple scenarios, given that the crisis of the successor of Mahmoud Abbas has not yet occurred, but is still in the process of possibilities. Therefore, the approach of building scenarios is one of the most important methods followed to set up future perspectives that can help imagine a possible future situation, based on the status quo indicators, with clarifications on the results of those expected scenarios.

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