Israeli policies towards the Russian-Iranian alliance
Jan 12, 2023

Israeli policies towards the Russian-Iranian alliance

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As the Russian war on Ukraine approached turning over the page of its first year, it left its successive effects on the map of bilateral and international relations between its various parties. Israel was not far from the complexities arising in the network of these relations, especially given the emergence of what has become called the " unholy alliance" between Russia and Iran. This alliance touched many areas that began with the clear support for the invasion of Ukraine, through breaking international sanctions on Moscow, and the continuation of trade and financial deals, to Iranian support for Russia militarily and logistically including the reward promised by Russia to provide Iran with military and intelligence technologies, and perhaps in its nuclear program.

All these successive developments between Moscow and Tehran have sparked red lights in Tel Aviv, making it put this alliance and its expected revelations and consequences in mind, and highlighting what it can do to curb it, through its own effort on the one hand , and through its relations with the Western on the other.

As part of these considerations, this report examines the Russian-Iranian alliance by reading its dimensions , its repercussions on Israel, its policies towards it, and the future paths of its position on it.


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