"NATO" Make Strategic Shifts In It's Policy

"NATO" Make Strategic Shifts In It's Policy

The Strategic Concept Document 2022, adopted by NATO during a meeting of its leaders in the Spanish capital, Madrid, on 29 and 30 June, identifies the security challenges it faces and maps the political and military tasks it will stand up to in the future.

If NATO used to issue statements or declarations at the conclusion of its leaders' meetings, the Madrid summit seemed important, because it took place under the Russian invasion of Ukraine, and the repercussions of the "Russian-Ukrainian" war on security and the economy, from Europe to the United States, and even globally. Thus, the Madrid summit had to bring about shifts in the Alliance's policy, which was actually reflected in the announced document that carried significant content and connotations and provided for operational steps in terms of enhancing capabilities to confront others, especially Russia and China.

The document shows that NATO seeks to enhance its capabilities beyond what it previously sought and announced, as the Russian invasion of Ukraine posed serious threats that must be faced.

The document stressed that NATO would continue to work on its three core tasks, namely deterrence and defense, crisis prevention and management, and cooperative security, in order to improve the effectiveness of the system for responding to crises of all kinds.

On the other hand, the document affirmed that the alliance "does not seek confrontation, nor does it pose any threat to Russia," and that it remains open to "constructive engagement with the People's Republic of China, including building mutual transparency, with the aim of protecting the security interests of the alliance."

With regard to the accession of new States to the Alliance, the document opened the door to all the so-called "European democracies" that share the values of the Alliance and that are willing and able to assume the responsibilities and obligations of membership.


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