Who We Are

Dimensions for Strategic Studies (DSS)

DSS is a think tank, was established in London in early January 2020, with a team of research fellows and specialized experts from a wide range of Arab countries, Europe, Asia, Africa, the United States, Canada and Australia.

Basically, DSS is founded to produce research papers in a professional and an intensified manner that is relevant to modern-day requirements.  Such publications are essential for any researcher investigating, interested, following and involved in the decision-making circles in international and regional issues as well as the political, geopolitical, economic and humanitarian impacts.

What We Do

  • Providing analysis and deep understanding of the different issues with the expertise and understanding of local researchers in each country.
  • Studying current situations and linking them to historical contexts and causes and foreseeing its future dimensions.
  • Analyzing country-based events in their regional and international contexts, without getting too much involved in the local affairs or making unreal generalizations within the overall picture.
  • Discussing recommendations and building scenarios with specialists and decision makers.


Our Mission

Our Mission

  • Providing high-quality research services in all regional and international issues and providing publications with distinguished scientific content.
  • Enhancing open dialogue between our center and the target parties.
  • Providing communities with all tools to raise political, economic, and societal awareness.



Our Vision

DSS conducts research seeking to be a reliable source of knowledge for all those interested and who follow regional and international issues. Also, to be an approved and influential reference for specialists and decision-makers in public affairs in its various dimensions, whether political, economic, social, and humanitarian.


Our values

Accuracy, in-depth thinking, shouldering responsibilities, quality-assurance, building partnerships