Tracks of the Russian War on Ukraine

Tracks of the Russian War on Ukraine

After the failure of the first phase of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, Russia changed its tactics in the war and the focus was on Donbas regions. Moscow's original goal during the war in Ukraine was' what it has always wanted to achieve', i.e., to prevent further expansion of 'NATO', and in particular to block Ukraine's membership in NATO. The objectives of the war demanded by Russian officials have changed over time, due to the changing situation on the front. The past months have seen slow progress by Russian forces in the east and south, with a retreat on some fronts. Russia seems to have been ill-prepared logistically.

The Ukrainian army is showing high resilience in resisting Russian aggression, despite significant losses, while the Russian army is still able to move forward taking advantage of enormous firepower, but slowly, through small tactical steps. Continued Western arms support will affect the course of the war and strengthen the Ukrainian position but will prolong the war.

Despite the pursuit of a political solution to stop the war, all initiatives have not succeeded, because of the determination of the parties to that war to stick to the conditions they set for entering these negotiations on the basis of strength and after achieving military progress. The US and Europe rely on a strategy of managing the conflict rather than resolving it.

The entire global economy has been affected by the war and has witnessed a slowdown in growth, faster inflation, and a food and energy crisis. The rise in energy and grain prices will reduce the impact of Western sanctions on Russia.


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