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Dimensions for Strategic Studies (DSS)

Dimensions for Strategic Studies (DSS) is a London-based institute dedicated to research and expert analysis on the key political, geopolitical, economic and humanitarian issues affecting the MENA region and beyond. DSS was founded in early 2020 by a team of experts from numerous Arab countries as well as Europe, Asia, Africa, North America and Australia. Drawing on a network of specialists on the ground, it combines detailed local knowledge with expertise on broader geopolitical trends to produce pertinent analysis on the most pressing issues of our time.

  • Providing analysis and deep understanding of the different issues with the expertise and understanding of local researchers in each country.
  • Studying current situations and linking them to historical contexts and causes and foreseeing its future dimensions.
  • Analyzing country-based events in their regional and international contexts, without getting too much involved in the local affairs or making unreal generalizations within the overall picture.
  • Discussing recommendations and building scenarios with specialists and decision makers.


Our Mission

  • To produce timely, reliable and forward-looking research and analysis on regional and international affairs.
  • To foster open, fruitful dialogue between the center, our partners and other stakeholders.
  • To provide communities with the tools they need to raise political, economic, and societal awareness.


Our Research

  • Pertinent and well-sourced analysis on the latest developments.
  • Places local events in their regional and international contexts without getting lost in the details or drawn into generalizations.
  • Examines today’s developments in light of their historical contexts and causes.
  • Examines scenarios and the possible consequences of developments, making recommendations based on the needs of decision makers.


Our Vision

DSS strives to produce religable research and analysis for everyone who follows international affairs. It aims to be a reference point for specialists and decision-makers in political, economic, social, and humanitarian affairs.


Our values

Accuracy, in-depth thinking, shouldering responsibilities, quality-assurance, building partnerships


Dimensions for Strategic Studies (DSS) is a London-based institute dedicated to research and analysis of geopolitical, economic and humanitarian affairs, with a team of experts across the Middle East, North Africa and beyond.


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