The IMEC: Unraveling its Genesis, Evolution, and Israel's Pivotal Role
Oct 19, 2023

The IMEC: Unraveling its Genesis, Evolution, and Israel's Pivotal Role

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The American project "The India-Middle East-Europe Corridor" appears to be a continuation of the "Dubai-Haifa Axis" initiative, which emerged following the Abraham Accords between the UAE, Bahrain, and Israel, sponsored by the United States. This project could be considered a significant accomplishment in US foreign policy if realized.

Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu seems to be leveraging this project to bolster his foreign policy and enhance normalization with Arab countries, potentially minimizing Israel's regional and international isolation while strengthening its economic and strategic position, especially against the growing Iranian influence in the region.

Nevertheless, future challenges encompass issues of funding, the project's economic feasibility, and the potential impact on maritime transport networks and Egypt's Suez Canal. The project's implementation might be influenced by political and security conditions, including the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and other complex issues.

Overall, while the project appears promising and economically and politically significant, it faces substantial challenges that might affect its future implementation and development.

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