The reality of food security in Türkiye during 2022

The reality of food security in Türkiye during 2022

Since the beginning of 2020, the world has been preoccupied with a food crisis, which began with the outbreak of the COVID-19 epidemic and exacerbated as soon as the “Russian-Ukrainian” war started in February of this year. This is to be added to the subsequent repercussions that affected all countries. Under such circumstances, Türkiye was suffering from a high level of inflation, which made international factors and internal ones intertwine and make things worse.

This article reviews the general context of the food crisis in Türkiye and its various aspects, while presenting the quantities of production of the main commodities, providing an analysis of prices, and looking into the estimation of the potential gaps in the quantities required of the main commodities. This study also deals with the main causes behind the food crisis in Türkiye and the future of this crisis in light of the internal and global situations, as well as the efforts that can be made in this context.

This study is directed to the audience who follow the Turkish affairs and the issues of the region in general, as well as businessmen and investors wishing to work in the region. After taking a look at this study, the targeted businessmen and investors can see the existing gaps; therefore, they can be the best winners.

The study comes up with the fact that the food crisis in Türkiye is not considered significant compared to other countries in the region. It, however, constitutes a crisis as it came in a local context accompanied by a significantly high level of inflation. The study also clarified the causes of this crisis in the local context and its possible future.


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